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Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Lawrence Fox … the ever-increasing list of public school educated actors who dominate British film and television is often presented as proof that virtuous actors are squeezing talent out of the box. Working class. Some fear that acting is the increasingly exclusive domain of those with cut crystal accents whose parents can afford to finance them up front.

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Further evidence of the struggles facing people from more humble backgrounds comes from Mrs. Judi Dench, who told The Observer that she receives countless propaganda letters from ambitious young actors asking her to help fund their training.

The Oscar-winning actress said, “Anyone in the theater gets countless letters a week asking for help to finish the drama school. You can do a lot, but you can’t do one endless thing. It’s too expensive.”

Dench, considered one of the greatest heroes of her generation, added that since the disappearance of the Ammunition Theater – “where you would learn and make mistakes and watch people who know how to do it” – the economic barriers to training have made the profession more elitist.

The actress, who won an Oscar for her role of Elizabeth I in Shakespeare’s play in love, believes it is imperative that young, professional actors see on stage. He said, “I always say to the younger students, ‘Go see all you can,’ which is what we used to do. But then we pay a pittance to sit on the gods.”
Ideally, he said he would reassign actors across the country, but he knows this is not practical, although he does not believe the government should choose between hospitals and theater: “In a civilized country, there is money for both.

She accepts that talented aspiring actors can do so without attending drama school. “But it is a difficult and bumpy road,” he added.

His comments follow those of Ben Stevenson, the BBC’s drama watcher, who said at the Edinburgh International Television Festival last month that acting had become a middle-class profession. And he argued that entrance fees are too expensive for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Finn Harrup, the “modern high school kid,” echoed his criticism and rose to chair the Regional Theater Board before taking over the leadership of the BBC. In a message to the Daily Telegraph last month, he said: “When we had reference theaters … people from all walks of society attended the meetings. It’s a sad situation when [most] actors come off the call.” Elegant schools. ”

These schools include Eton, whose older children include Redmayne, Damian Lewis, and Dominic West, who are best known for the TV dramas Birdsong and Homeland and The Wire respectively, and Harrow, where Cumberbatch was the star of the BBC series Sherlock, and Laurence the fox is best known. For their role in Lewis, they were literate. Max Irons, who has attended Brianston School in Dorset, is starring in The Riot Club, a movie version released this week from Posh, satire of Laura Wade at Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club that is presented in the royal court. In 2010.

Sir Peter Bazalgett, president of the Arts Council, who believes public school representatives are “unequal”, and Brian Cox, one of Britain’s most important actors, have expressed similar concerns recently, lamenting that the performance is “lonely”. From work. – Great Britain class.

Edward Kemp, artistic director of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA), told The Observer that 36% of students last year came from families whose annual income was less than £ 25,000. He said that Rada offered scholarships and indicated that the money was going to the “confined” middle classes, adding, “You can earn £ 50,000 and have two children in higher education and there is very little support. This is the danger zone.”

Kemp also spoke of “serious concern” since the theater’s repertoire was lost. For those who live outside London, he said, “The chances of exposure to quality theater are diminishing. The theater facilities in most private schools far exceed the number of public schools.”

Sources say Dench has “quietly” supported students at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he trained, as well as his brother and daughter. She was very supportive. She was during the presidency of the school. She was considered gracious. She recently came back and had a session with the students. She came back many times. When we need to, support on some issues, she always comes up quickly, “said Gavin Henderson, principal of the school. big “.

He added, “In the middle we have not witnessed any noticeable shift towards the ‘better off’, and the biggest fear is what is happening in schools now, and how the arts and humanities have deteriorated in schools. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds to the idea that work in theater is worth pursuing. And herein lies the biggest problem.” “.

Of course, some will always find a way. Tom Courtenay, who won Oscar nominations for Dr. Zhivago and The Dresser, told The Observer that he funded his training at Rada in part by working as a worker to supplement his scholarship. When asked whether aspiring actors today need a special fortune, he said, “I can’t say if they are doing it now. They certainly didn’t do it in the 1960s. John Tho [late Morse code] and I didn’t. And we did well. “

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