Jane Technologies raised $100M in Series C led by Honor Ventures

Jane Technologies, an e-commerce startup for Cannabis, can be considered the Shopify of weed. Unlike Amazon that is creating a marketplace, Jane Technologies is trying to build the backends for dispensaries that are taking their cannabis offerings online. jane technologies 100m seriesburnstechcrunch.

The company accounts for 20% of all legal cannabis sales that are happening in the United States. As per the startup, Amazon isn’t a single destination for the future of cannabis. Instead, its future is the neighborhood dispensary that sells weed online. Jane aims at empowering these online stores.

To this effect, the company has recently received a $100 million Series C financing round. This has brought the total raised amount since its inception in 2015 to $130 million. The financing round was led by Honor Ventures. Jeffrey Housenbold, the founding Managing Partner, has joined Jane Technologies’ board of directors. The startup is all set to use the raised capital in growing its digital footprint as well as its efficient teams across multiple areas of operations. Jane Technologies even intends to bring forth new features and expand its product offering for large and small cannabis operations.

As online cannabis sales are expected to become a norm in the future with the changing consumers’ expectations, Jane offers a turn-key solution to building a robust online presence quickly. Socrates Rosenfeld, co-founder and CEO of Jane Technologies, claims that the future of e-commerce is not a marketplace, but the complete digitization of all commerces. Jane has the potential to become the next eBay or Shopify. The company is creating a win-win ecosystem for all constituents. The brands, retailers as well as consumers can benefit from this platform. In short, Jane Technologies has the go-to service provider to create the future of cannabis commerce on a global basis.

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