How Joker Became the Most Hated, Loved, Obsessed-Over Movie of 2019

August 2017
Warner Bros. On their intention to make a movie that details the origins of the Joker, not the Joker, thank you very much, in hopes of hiring Martin Scorsese as executive producer and attracting Leonardo DiCaprio for the title role. But when Jared Leto, who plays the Joker in the 2016 film Suicide Squad and is contractually committed to recreating the character in another minor DC Universe sequel, learned of the rival Joker project, he was shocked. The Oscar-winning actor from the Dallas Buyers Club is reportedly unhappy with the idea that various Jokers are showing off to their clients at the Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood and using that interest as a weapon to hold meetings with rival agents in William Morris Endeavor.

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Also during that month, producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff admitted that the production had run into some interruptions in its attempts to persuade the studio to embark on an exciting adventure with valuable intellectual property. “This is a very bold move for Warner Bros. and I highly recommend it,” Koskov told the Los Angeles Times. “There were some hiccups trying to get the green light and there were some content concerns. But once we locked in our budget and upped it, they really gave us a lot of room to do what we do.”

September – December 2018
According to a New York Times interview with Phillips, which gained traction on Movie Twitter last month, Phoenix constantly baffles his co-stars during main filming, loses his cool during filming, and saves half of the performance without a word of advice. Explanation. The director said, “In the middle of the scene, he will walk away and go.” “And the poor other actor thinks they are and they never were; it was always him and he didn’t feel it.”

Aug 11, 2019
Draft transcripts of photographs by Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver have leaked online, drawing widespread criticism on hand. On April 13, 2018, the script sparked outrage over his fond sympathy for Arthur Fleck’s backstory, in which the sinister character is portrayed as sympathetic, a victim of a society gone mad. (In the comics, the Joker’s behavior has historically been linked to criminal insanity, and for decades the character has provided little justification for spoiling him.) Phillips later confirms the credibility of the draft, but also refutes that it defines the final film, explaining that the Joker’s rosters have gone through many changes since spring 2018.

Note: A day before the script was leaked, Universal announced that The Hunt, about a group of Americans who are kidnapped and extradited in a rural area of ​​Europe in pursuit of sport by the rich, will be postponed indefinitely. Cycle of controversies.

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