Esper iOT raised $30M in Series B as per Frederic Lardinois

Esper has recently raised a $30 million Series B round. The company builds the tools that enable the developers and engineers to deploy and manage fleets of Android-based edge devices. esper iot 30m serieslardinoistechcrunch. The current funding round was led by Scale Venture Partners, and had participation from Madrona Venture Group, Ubiquity Ventures, Root Ventures and Haystack.

Esper claims that thousands of such devices are being made on Android alone, however, scaling and managing the same remains a major challenge. Thus, the core idea of the company is to devise tools that allow companies to forgo building their internal DevOps teams. Instead, they can use Esper’s tooling to scale their Android-based IoT fleets. The use cases can range from digital signage and kiosks to custom solutions in retail, healthcare, logistics and many others.

According to Esper CEO and co-founder, the pandemic has transformed industries like fitness, hospitality, digital health, and food delivery. This has accelerated the adoption of intelligent edge devices. However, each new use case requires a better software automation. Mobile device management (MDM) offered by Espen isn’t a new thing, but the company argues that MDM is a perfect solution for such use cases and are made for devices being brought into an environment. Not just this, the company even offers solutions for running Android on older x86 Windows devices which can extend the life of the hardware, as well.

The company claims to have seen a 70x revenue growth in the last year, along with 8x growth in paying customers as well as a 15x growth in devices running Esper. With years spent on building the infrastructure, the company has created reliability and robust mechanism. Some of the big names in the client list of Esper include Spire Health, CloudKitchens, Ordermark, Inspire Fitness, Intelity, RomTech and even Uber.        

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